The Best Travel Tips from a Flight Attendant

Whether you fly weekly, monthly or yearly, here are some essential tips to help you travel smarter and make your next flight much more enjoyable.

For travelers, especially first timers – it could be a life changing experience, however, for the seasoned frequent flyer’s, most of them would agree that it could also be the most exasperating thing. Just imagine, having to contend with flight delays, strangers of different personalities, ridiculously priced airport food – there’s just a myriad of scenarios that could put a ding in to your dream getaway. However, below you will find some expert advice for making the most out of your much awaited trip!

1. Travel Light

One of the biggest mistakes many travelers make is bringing too much stuff with them. You really have to ask yourself “Do you really need it” Set aside all the “what If’s” and just focus on the excitement and adventures that you are about to embark! Whatever fear it is that’s making you pack your entire closet – just stuff it back in the wardrobe and deal with the “What if’s” when it happens – it’s a part of the joy and wonders of travel!

Over Stuffed Luggage

If you’re traveling alone, you can likely bring everything you need in a small carry-on that fits under your seat. If not, pay to check your bags (or fly with one of the few airlines that still offer free checked bags) so that you don’t have to carry them all over the airport while you wait for your flight.

Side tip: Instead of wasting precious luggage space for toiletries and essentials, consider buying these at your destination.

2. Arrive Early

A good rule of thumb is to get to the airport an hour before your scheduled domestic departure and at least 2-3 hours before your International flight, If you haven’t traveled overseas lately, you will be surprised how long the queue is due to the amount of checked luggage’s and boxes – the key is to be prepared and you can do this by giving yourself enough cushion to make it to the boarding terminal stress free!

“You might be surprised at how many travelers don’t show up to the airport with ample time. Planes leave at the scheduled time, they can close the door for boarding 10 minutes earlier than the departure time and give your seat away to a stand by”

If you are bound for your dream vacation, do not start your holiday by missing your flight. It is not only stressful but an unfortunate waste of your precious vacation time.

3. Let’s Get Physical – Walk, Stretch, Exercise!

So you’ve made it to the airport early, luggage checked, and passed through security… Hooray! But now you’re bored. One of the most common thing people do is hit the over-priced airport bars or restaurants to pass time. Save Your Money! As most Frequent travelers will tell you, the food is often expensive but taste mediocre to bland. When boredom hits, make use of your time well by getting some exercise, walk around (don’t leave your carry-on though), stretch. Your body will thank you especially if you are faced with a 16 hours flight! Take advantage of idle time by exercising and stretching those muscles or save those extra dollar by being content in your seat, exercise those eye muscles – people watch! The airport is buzzing with action, people coming and going, get your face off your screen and experience the convergence of energy from individuals from different parts of the country and the world! It can be quite entertaining!

Side Tip: If you can’t help it and still went for that “refreshing” cocktail at the airport bar, remember this, “One drink in the air equals two on the ground” Low cabin pressure equals less oxygen, which is the main attribute to such magic, so don’t think you can beat it. You will wind up arriving a disheveled mess, hopefully not looking like a hobo.” So go-slow.

4. Kindness And Being Polite Goes A Long Way

Delayed flights can be a nightmare, especially if you have a connection you are trying to make but remember: Your flight crew does not make all the rules of flight. It could be technical, inclement weather or some other unknown confidential factor. In fact, these delays are more alarming to them — it means they are not getting paid. Their pay starts when the forward entry door is closed, so that means every time they are boarding or deplaning or the flight is delayed, they aren’t making money.”

A little dose of patience and understanding will go a long way, remember that your flight crew are your best accomplices once you’re up in the air so make sure they become your BFF as they could absolutely help make your trip much more pleasurable even if you are cramped in economy. Politeness and kindness goes a long way, it’s just basic good manners, remember that they too are just as anxious to get going as you are. If it happens to be the end of your trip, they too have families waiting for them at home, parties to get to, holidays to enjoy, and funerals to attend.” So remember, you’re in it together. Be kind.

The Take Away

The tips shared in this post are insights from individuals who loves their profession, getting their insight is very valuable as it gives us an idea on how we too can make Air Travel pleasurable for our own good. As travelers, we are presented an opportunity that not everyone can afford, it is a privilege that we have taken for granted and with that the people who makes our trip as comfortable as possible. I applaud our Flight Attendants (FA) for their dedicated service to their customers. Passengers comes in different forms and personalities – individual differences. There are so many horror stories in the news and social media about FA’s getting harassed in flight by some entitled passenger for some very petty reasons. Sometimes I think FA’s have super powers as metaphorically speaking, they can calm down even a raging kitty on a flight but we have to remember, they are just like you and me, trying to make a living by making sure we have a pleasurable, safe and stress free flight. So be kind, it’s free and they will appreciate you for it.

These tips are an invaluable tool for any traveler – first time travelers especially as a lot of these informations are happening right now even as I type this piece.

Whether you are traveling to realize the vacation of your dreams, for work or pleasure, these simple tips can make our trip expedient and make our trip a lot more enjoyable.

Bon Voyage!

P.S.: I would love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions or Travel topics you want me to research, please drop me a message! I appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

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