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As the autumnal sun looms over in the horizon and the bustle of the work week clouds every opportunity to plan a trip, these secret gems of Los Angeles are truly not a bad spot to spend the day with friends or family, have a relaxing day to drive around L.A. like a true Angelino.

Los Angeles offers a diverse array of things to do and see on those not so busy weekends. Walking around Echo Park and its neighboring towns (Silver Lake, Chinatown, Cypress Park, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Eagle Rock to name a few), you’ll find that the place is really interesting, it is an understated hub of artists, musicians and Oh! They do have a smorgasbord of delicious places to eat . Don’t turn your nose up on this side of our neighborhood – what you’ll discover might really surprise you. All of these places are a stone throw away from the bustling Downtown Los Angeles

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park’s crowning glory of course is the rejuvenated Echo Park Lake, they did such a marvelous job beautifying this park, it has become a favorite among the locals as a place to unwind, get their daily walks, jog or a weekend picnic and of course rent a Swan Boat and pedal away over the Lake’s misty water (you can thank the towering fountain for that). If or when hunger strikes while exploring this park, do not fret – there’s always sidewalk vendors selling something delicious, not to mention the options of places to eat within the vicinity – Masa, Elf Cafe, Guisados and MoHawk Bend to name a few.

Colorful Street Art - Sunset & Echo Park

Colorful Street Art

One of the first things to grab your eye when you enter Echo Park is the colorful mural welcoming you at the corner of Echo Park and Sunset. Walk around a little and find even more beautiful murals on various neighborhood walls. This beautiful and vibrant wall art was started by Jason Ostro the Gabba Gallery, Jason Ostro, recently started the Alley Project, an ongoing public art event around L.A. One of the alleys he chose happened to be in Echo Park, where he’s been recruiting 20 local artists to paint animals in the alley behind Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

One of the many street art along Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock

These beautiful street art and Murals are all over Los Angeles, a series of murals can also be found along the chic stretch of Colorado Boulevard along Eagle Rock a neighborhood Northeast of Los Angeles, a quaint hip community, almost a college town with a retro feel. You can also enjoy seeing larger than life street art on the Venice boardwalk but you can save this trip for a later day as you might find yourself planted on the beach enjoying the beautiful California Sunshine.

Take A Hike! (or Bike)

DTLA view on Elysian Park

In Los Angeles, we’re lucky to have amazing weather all year-round, and beautiful parks throughout the city to enjoy the greenery and the beautiful views. So, while you’re in Echo Park, take a hike. The highly underrated Elysian Park has some of the best views the city has to offer. It isn’t as busy with tourists like our municipal park – Griffith Park, and you can even bring Fido. A hike around the park gives you views of the infamous Dodger Stadium, and Angels Point offers a beautiful view of the Downtown skyline.

LA River Trail

You could also enjoy an early morning quaint bike ride along LA River that stretches for miles but I highly suggest just a quick trip from Silver Lake to the LA Zoo access then back for a nice breakfast and coffee at Spoke Bicycle Cafe conveniently located along the LA River Bike Trail.

Catch A Game!

LA Dodger Game!

Home of Los Angeles’ beloved baseball team, Dodger Stadium is the third oldest major league park in the nation, only behind Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. If you’re a big fan of American Baseball, take a trip for a Friday night game for fireworks in the park, or go to one of the many themed games throughout the season (please check schedule). You can even watch a movie in the park after some of the sporting events. If you can’t come for a game, you can always stop by for a stadium tour to see the beautiful views and hear about its legendary past.

Ever heard of Angelino Heights?

Angelino Heights

Now you have! Angelino Heights is a small, Victorian neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. It’s located in the Echo Park district, between Chinatown and Echo Park. It’s the second oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles and the oldest surviving residential suburb. San Francisco might have Steiner Street’s Painted Ladies, but Angelino Heights, one of Los Angeles’ oldest neighborhoods, has its own Victorian beauties.

Carroll Avenue has been registered in the National Register of Historic Places with having the highest concentration of Victorian homes in the city, and the breathtaking beauty of the 19th-century homes are really a sight to see. If you want to learn about the historic area, take a walking tour with the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Isn’t great that all this amazingness is literally just in our backyard? LA has so much to offer especially to those who loves to explore and wander!


Explore LA’s Food & Culture

Photo Credit: Dine LA

LA is a melting pot of many cultures where people from around the world converge and make a unique staple in the community. It is one of the greatest cultural and culinary cities on earth, and no part of LA has a more thriving food scene than Downtown Los Angeles. The Food & Culture scene are so diverse that you could literally travel the world’s culinary offerings just exploring Los Angeles. One of the best way to explore Downtown Los Angeles is by booking a tour then afterwards venturing on your own once you have gotten a feel and taste of the city.

Downtown LA is a true foodie paradise from Grand Central Market to the Michelin-starred, the time tested family owned restaurants down to home style tacos or the local favorite sausage and beer, Downtown LA inspires every palate and I assure you finding these delectable places is just around every corner!

See & Explore what LA has in store for you!

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