Useful Airport Hacks You Should Know!

Don't be late, check-in early!

If you’re like me, whenever I confirmed a booking to jet somewhere, the anticipation brings a sense of wonder and excitement, this is especially true for first time travelers, as the moment gets closer, the adventure of a journey stirs the happy feeling inside like endorphins being released electrifying every little veins in your body … Read more

Off-Season Travel Destinations

Traveling Off-Season lets you enjoy your destination without the worries of huge crowds and a huge budget. Finding the right times to set forth your adventure before or after the peak season can often result in the most memorable moments of your sojourn! Whether it is a solo or a couples getaway, traveling during a … Read more

Sips & Tips! Explore Temecula Valley

Los Angeles is close to many weekend getaways, including scenic mountains, scenic beach destinations and of course wine country! Living in the most populous city in California, the occasional vacation is always a nice break from this fast-paced bustling city of Angels. You may have heard of “California dreaming”, a laid-back lifestyle, palm trees, never … Read more

Los Angeles – Explore Like A Local

As the autumnal sun looms over in the horizon and the bustle of the work week clouds every opportunity to plan a trip, these secret gems of Los Angeles are truly not a bad spot to spend the day with friends or family, have a relaxing day to drive around L.A. like a true Angelino. … Read more

Important Travel Safety Tips

The lure of travel can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life, it is exciting and life enriching. The adrenalin rush and excitement of being in a strange new place, discovering and experiencing things you only see on TV or read through publications can easily make you forget about some risk, safety … Read more

Best Times To Visit Paris – Bonjour!

So there you are, trying to decide where to go, when to go, on a specific month or a specific season, researching, googling, the best flight deals, accommodation and best spots to see. As with most things, when it comes to travel, timing is everything. What makes it the best time to go on a … Read more

The Best Travel Tips from a Flight Attendant

Whether you fly weekly, monthly or yearly, here are some essential tips to help you travel smarter and make your next flight much more enjoyable. For travelers, especially first timers – it could be a life changing experience, however, for the seasoned frequent flyer’s, most of them would agree that it could also be the … Read more

How to Pack a Suitcase

Whether it’s for a quick weekend adventure or an International multi-city trip, the first step is to decide if a carry-on will do the trick or if a checked bag is in order.   Pack your things in order I understand that packing for your grand vacation can be slightly daunting, It’s been proven time … Read more

Let’s get you on that first trip!

Congratulations on taking that first step to realizing your dream to travel! I know exactly what’s running into your head right now so, stop! ha-ha… don’t get overwhelmed, breathe, It will be fun. I have laid out some very useful tips below to help guide you to plan and hopefully make that dream trip become … Read more

The Whole World Awaits!

Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Neilio, curator of “The Well Traveled Suitcase”. Since I was a kid, I have always been enthralled by the wonders of other countries, cultures, customs and lifestyles, through my Mom’s encouragement (she’s a teacher), the books that I’ve read with sublime photographs and talking to well … Read more